Despite yet another sighting, the dog whose image can be found all over the District remains at large. The latest credible tip has Lucy the Ninja Dog on Blagden Avenue yesterday, between Allison and 17th Streets, which is near a well-known sighting of her on 18th Street. All of the tips have been plotted on a map.

“Of course,” blogs Lucy’s owner, Dan Wood, “she disappeared a few minutes after the man saw her. And since I happened to be out at that time (around midnight) checking traps, I drove over to Blagden about 20 minutes after he saw her. No dice. Her ninjary is strong.”

The campaign to find Lucy is getting more intense and more organized. A press release has been issued announcing an all-out flier-and-search party tomorrow at noon (meet at the Carter Baron Ampitheater parking lot). In truth, huge swaths of the city have already been papered with photos of Lucy and an urgent request to “Call immediately. Lucy is shy!!” The Lucy “Flier Map” shows the ground left to cover.

In addition to the site, the blog, the maps, the photos, and the press release, there’s also an electronic business card to print out and take on walks. The thinking there is: Should you happen to spot Lucy, the numbers will be handy. But Wood and his girlfriend, Sarah Darnell, law students living in Mount Pleasant, know they may need more than commitment, cunning, and HTML skills to find their beloved pup. Their instructions for those who have seen Lucy and for those who have not seen Lucy are followed by this:

If you have magic powers:
Make Lucy appear in our living room.
Make Lucy appear in your living room, then call us so we can come pick her up.