How fast can MoCo close its schools? We’re talking 4-8 inches here, a snow emergency declared by D.C. Mayor Adrian M. Fenty, and, no doubt, a run on milk at groceries everywhere.

But the big story of the weekend: Haynesworth? Is this guy worth $100 million? Will he finally be that one free-agent acquisition who actually makes a difference? At the very least, he’ll psych up the fans. No matter what fan board you may have visited over the past month or so, NFL fanatics in all franchise cities wanted this guy. He was the answer to everyone’s defensive problems. The standard line from Joe Fan: If we can get Haynesworth, plus a couple of second-tier free agents to fill in at [SOME KEY POSITION] and [SOME KEY POSITION], we’ll be the team to beat. Not sure whether anyone’s saying that about the Skins, though.

Hey, WaPo Ombudsman Andy Alexander made his debut on real issues in the paper on Sunday, writing a fine piece on the dustup over George Will‘s crazy meanderings on global warming. See, Will, in a recent column, cited some study that showed that the global ice sheet was about the same magnitude that it was in 1978. Global warming activists went crazy on the guy, saying he misportrayed the data. Alexander issued a mild rebuke to Will and his many editors:

Readers would have been better served if Post editors, and the new ombudsman, had more quickly addressed the claims of falsehoods.

A little tame, but the ombo’s still getting his sea legs.

General ManagerJim Bowden exits stage left from Nats organization over recruiting issues. Word is that the franchise is going to spare no expense in finding and hiring a replacement. (Joke.)

The InTowner has the scoop on Dupont East’s liquor moratorium and the future of bar-neighbor relations. Check it out, provided you don’t mind 4,545K pdfs.