This morning, at around 10 a.m., I stood at a bus stop, 30 minutes into the morning’s snow-filled commute. A fellow rider huddled next to me in the bus shelter remarked that the snow was pretty. “Yeah,” I replied, “but why did this have to happen in March!”

“Because March is fucked up,” he said. “You ever notice how when you meet a woman born in March, she’s all fucked up? March is a mess.”

I don’t know about that guy’s theory, nor do I know what the next 29 days of March ’09 will bring, but this particular day in March was indeed a mess. Although the amount of snow on the ground didn’t seem all that scary when I assessed it from my window this morning, it took me more than two hours to get to work today, thanks to all of the snow on the ground. Ridiculous.

This snow has got some balls

I did see and hear some interesting things along the way. While walking around the Pentagon, headed for the train, I noticed that the army guys were all wearing their winter fatigues. Who knew they broke those out for just a few inches of snow. I thought they reserved that gear for missions in Siberia or something. And, while I was on Connecticut Avenue, I heard a little boy tell his Mom that he hoped they’d have fun in the snow today because she was “cranky already.”

Still, two hours from Alexandria-to-Adams Morgan is excessive. Here’s the breakdown of my Del Ray-to-Adams Morgan commute:

*15 minutes to walk from my house to the bus stop, since the sidewalks weren’t shoveled

*20 minutes of waiting at the bus stop

*15 minute ride from Arlandria to the Pentagon

*10 minutes of walking around the Pentagon trying for figure out where in the hell they hide the Metro (OK, this bit is my fault)

*15 minutes of waiting for the Yellow line train

*10 more minutes of waiting for the Blue line train after I realized there were delays on the Yellow line, and I needed a Blue train (Fine, fine—this part is probably my fault, too)

*12 minute ride from Pentagon to Metro Center

*5 minute wait for the Red Line to Shady Grove

*5 minute ride from Metro Center to Woodley Park

*15 minute walk from Woodley Park to office door, again on sidewalks badly in need of shoveling.

How was your commute this morning? Can you top 122 minutes?