One month to the day Lucy the Ninja Dog bolted from her basement home in Mount Pleasant, her clever and tireless owners have found her and returned her. It all went down about 6:30 this morning, one day after a post on the Lost Lucy blog went up titled: “We Saw Our Own Damn Dog.”

Dan Wood, Lucy’s owner, e-mailed the update to City Desk this a.m. and has been asked to call in. In the meantime, his Web site tells the tale of his girlfriend, Sarah Darnell, finding the dog whose face is plastered all over D.C.

This morning, she checked a “trap” she and Wood set last night near the latest sighting. She spotted Lucy on the grounds of an embassy beyond a fence, so she laid down in the snowy grass near a spot where Lucy could crawl out. She put out some chicken. Dogs love chicken. Lucy toddled over to smell the tasty treat and recognized “one of her people.” She then commenced to crawl through the fence and lick Darnell’s face. At home, Lucy, now more gray than white, drank a gallon of water, possibly more. She’s skinny after her wild days and nights of ninjary, but not visibly wounded.

She eluded last Saturday’s search party. She eluded the many D.C.ers who claim to have spotted her as well as those who were reportedly praying for her. She apparently eluded professional diplomats and, at least once, her own damn owners.

But Lucy is no longer lost.