The B1 news this a.m.: Permanent state of stalling. The D.C. vote bill is on indefinite hold. Blame Maryland’s own House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer. He blames the NRA for its gun riders—-or did he secretly want to annex the District? Lobby efforts from Fenty, et al, will probably go nowhere and not very fast, so it looks like EHN went shopping, got the dress, got the shoes, but is still not going to be invited to the dance. What else is new?

In other less glass-half-empty news around the D.C. blogoworld:

* ComicsDC reveals/aggregates that deep inside a “large envirornment firm” in D.C. lurks an ad director who’s really the guy behind the design for Batcave Companion.

* Frozen Tropics reveals/aggregates that the streetcar Tommy Wells named desire is moving forward after all these years. And what is the evidence? There’s now an alliance. And a blog about the alliance. Grab your Rice-A-Roni, folks, because this is an imminent H Street to Benning Road treat.

* This just in: Penn Quarter Living‘s commentary about tourons on Segways. They are “cute.”

* And Now, Anacostia is also full of good hope after discovering a request put in about a year ago for some trees has been answered. Helpful touchups in PhotoShop reveal where the small, skinny trees actually are.

* Congress Heights on the Rise continues the backrubbing, giving props—-I’d go as far as to say kudos—-to DCRA for… launching a Web site. I know. It’s amazing.

* But never fear, blogsnark seekers. There’s always why.i.hate.dc, which starts out trolling for hits by breaking news about another new restaurant on 14th Street and then offers this tasty app: “Oh and just what the hell is Mediterranean and Asian fusion tapas? It’s like all the restaurants on 14th Street had an orgy and then their abortion was turned into a new restaurant.”

Flickr photo, “Happiness Is a Warm Gun,” by badjonni