Eventually, somebody will speak up and say: Stop Messing With The National Mall. In recent years, we’ve had to endure the WWII memorial monstrosity (it’s memorial as clip art!). Now comes the news that the National Park Service has issued a planning document which calls for the removal of the U.S. Capitol’s reflecting pool and the obliteration of the Sylvan Theater. These are not pieces on a game board!

The reflecting pool would be replaced by some other kind of water entertainment. I’m guess a fountain. What else could it be? A Michael Phelps Memorial Bong? The Sylvan would be replaced with a bigger entertainment center or something. You know the new one will be tagged with all manner of corporate crap. Red Bull will finally get a presence on the National Mall. Thank G-d.

The full plan is available online. The plan does call for more bathrooms. There will be public meetings to vet the plan. The Post writes:

“Public meetings on the plan are scheduled for 5 to 7 p.m. Wednesday and noon to 2 p.m. March 14. The meetings will be at the Old Post Office, 12th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Room 107.”

We got a while to yell about this as the final plan isn’t expected until next year.