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Kudos to commenter “al gonzales” for pointing this out.

Yesterday, WAMU-FM reporter Kavitha Cardoza did a piece [Windows Media/RealPlayer] on the DCPS budget hearing held Tuesday, which was announced only six days ahead of time and which only “about a dozen” persons reportedly attended.

Kind of a boring piece, with requisite outrage from veteran activists Mary Levy and Margot Berkey—-until Cardoza put Mayor Adrian M. Fenty on the spot about the short notice.

His verbatim reply, if you can call it that: “Yeah, I think the person who said it right is that we’re providing an information in real time probably summed it up best.”

A typical content-free response from Fenty, sure, but that isn’t even a sentence, far as LL can parse. Replied Cardoza, “What does that—-I don’t understand what that means.”

Said Fenty, “I can’t translate. All I can give you is a response to your question.”

In that case, we’re all still waiting.