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  • laid off cl staff, with a trenchant riposte to Wemple’s “Shit—My Pay Just Got Cut!”: “At least you are still employed, you ungrateful whinny bitch. Why don’t you quit and try to go somewhere else to make what you do now or even the 15 percent cut.Good Luck”
  • multiphasic, on the same post, with a response I’m just not smart enough to understand Hess had to explain to me: “I don’t get it. Is the City Paper editor a dog, or is he a horse? Or is he some sort of… shudder… horsedog?”

  • helder filipe, who posted a very complete résumé of his mixology experience on Carman’s pre-Englert meltdown post about H Street Country Club. He’s in Portugal and looking for work. If you’ve got a bar, help him out! I’ll bet he’d travel for the right position. I’m not gonna repost the whole thing, but here are some highlights: “This is my small CV, since it only that represents 15 per cent for what I did in my life….my cocktails are based on my own purees,cordials,liqueurs and gommes that I make use a lot of different techniques and my cocktails are based in peas,cactus,sting net,tobacco,carrots,pumpkins and o lot of Asian ingredients just like oyster sauce,miso paste, curry paste,etc…. Sporting Lisbon Benfica – Football Player Jan ’87 – Oct ’89”
  • C. Scott, with a possible explanation for our mayor’s efforts to strip all meaning from the English language: “I’m starting to think that Fenty is mildy autistic or has an undiagnosed speech impediment.”
  • And speaking of language, elisir80 with a note on Starbucks’ attempts to Fentyize ad copy: “English is not my native language and every time I read that at starbucks I wondered ‘what the hell? savoury delicious what? then I started thinking that delicious is also a noun”


No question: You use the phrase “whinny bitch,” I am gonna give you a T-shirt. laid off, get in touch!

Photo by Flickr user NateTheGreat