“What’s the newest seasonal beer?”
“Where can I find my favorite Pilsener from study abroad?”
“Dammit Orr, you promised me a rare Belgian trippel but the restaurant was out of it when I got there!”

I hear your cries, fellow lushes, imbibers, and beer nerds! And I give you the Beerspotter Twitter feed, with live updates on rare and timely beers across the D.C. metro area. Just go to twitter.com/beerspotter (or City Paper Eats) to see the latest alerts on D.C.-area beer.

This is no one-man task. Spotters, I need your help — especially you folks in Maryland and Virginia. Beerspotter on Twitter is a group account, which means I need you all to contribute. Here’s how:

To post to the Beerspotter group account:
1. Create your own Twitter account, and start “following” Beerspotter on Twitter.
2. Wait a minute until I start following you as well. (Sorry but there’s no way around this. I promise to respond quickly, especially in these first few days.)
3. Send a Direct Message to Beerspotter with info on the name of the beer, price, location, and maybe something pithy — this message will automatically be posted on the Beerspotter feed for all to see!
4. Everyone drinks better beer!
**Twitter nerds: no hash tags for now; we’re keeping that trick holstered for special events and such.

I hope some of you start using this right away. Until now D.C. had no centralized site for all beer drinkers to stay up on the latest draft and bottle lists. Together, we can make this community happen. Thanks to everyone, and e-mail me if you have any questions. Cheers!