D.C. Wire just posted on this, but allow LL to add some details.

The suspect charged this weekend in connection with a string of robberies worked on two D.C. Council campaigns last year.

Ezra Mathis, 29, was arrested in Georgetown Saturday by cops who recognized him from a surveillance photo. According to campaign finance records, Mathis was paid $1,000 by Adam Clampitt‘s at-large campaign and more than $3,300 by Michael A. Brown‘s campaign during the last campaign cycle.

Brown, now a councilmember, had taken on Mathis as a paid staffer as a favor after Clampitt had dropped out of the race and endorsed Brown.

Clampitt says he met Mathis when he joined his campaign along with Jarvis Houston, the Chicago-based consultant who ran Clampitt’s campaign before joining Brown’s campaign.

After the election, sources say Brown had gotten Mathis a security job as a favor, but Mathis failed to show for work one day and was never seen by campaign contacts again.

Says Clampitt in an e-mail from Afghanistan, where he’s currently serving as a military public-affairs officer, “I was shocked when I read the article, because I considered Ezra not only an excellent campaign staffer, but a friend. While it is now time for the legal system to run its course, I hope Ezra can get the help he needs to turn his life around.”

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