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Big news of the weekend: Dick Cheney just refuses to shut up. A while back, he gave an interview to Politico in which he warned of new attacks and gloated about the tax-compliance programs of top Obama nominees. Now he’s mouthing off about how Obama’s rollback of Bush administration policies toward the interrogation and detention of terrorist suspects is making the country less safe. His approaches to these problems…well, listen to him talking: “I think those programs were absolutely essential to the success we enjoyed of being able to collect the intelligence that let us defeat all further attempts to launch attacks against the United States since 9/11. I think that’s a great success story. It was done legally. It was done in accordance with our constitutional practices and principles. President Obama campaigned against it all across the country. And now he is making some choices that, in my mind, will, in fact, raise the risk to the American people of another attack.”

A couple of points here. One is that Cheney is clearly designating himself as the protector of the Bush legacy. Of course, he was the propagator of the legacy to begin with, so that all makes some sense.

But now the American public is finally seeing the Cheney chutzpah in full, unobstructed mode. I mean, does this guy really believe that we can hold people at Guantanamo in perpetuam? As the Washington Post reported late last month, federal prosecutors are moving the case against Ali Saleh Kahlah al-Marri from a Cheneyesque dungeon to the federal courts, and in the words of the Post, they’re a little freaked out about what’ll fly in a courtroom: “Marri’s prosecution could clear the way for some of the approximately 245 detainees remaining at the military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, to be indicted in U.S. courts, though authorities have said significant legal and diplomatic hurdles remain. Among them is whether evidence secured through classified intelligence channels or harsh interrogation techniques is too sensitive or tainted to introduce into the American legal system.”

Sorry about obsession on national issues, but this AIG thing! Gotta blame Obama for this mess. Republican populists should score on this talking point, as well they should.

Enough about serious stuff. What about all this rain? Going to continue? Yup, but Tuesday looks solid.

And everyone, all over town, is linking to this WaPo story on the soaring HIV/AIDS rate in the District.

Aging Redskins fans will enjoy this piece and all the intrigue behind it.