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or at least he tells Brightest Young Things.

That’s right: The guy that we put on our cover story about helmet use last week has been located. You remember him—-he’s the guy that we photographed from the rear, on a blue bike. Carrying a helmet—-not on his head, but rather around the hip area. We posed a question: “What’s This Guy Thinking?” alongside the photograph.

He answers it in his BYT post:

I consider myself a fairly established bike rider, nothing special, but I know what I’m doing. Like many people in the article, I was a bike messenger in Richmond for years. The day that photo was taken, I spent most of my day on the bike path, and only did a small amount of riding in traffic. Trust me – I wore that helmet when dealing with traffic, but found it pointless on the bike path and sidewalks. I know for a fact that cars eat bikes, and I’m not about to let some Maryland driver put me six feet into the ground. OUTRAGEOUSLY, when that photo was taken I WAS ON THE SIDEWALK. And then you ask “What’s this guy thinking?” Tell you what I wasn’t thinking: I wasn’t thinking that before I jumped onto the bike path to head home with my new Tobacco-Use-Only glass pipe in my pocket that some ass clown would take a photo of me and publish it on the cover of the City Paper. That’s the last thing I was thinking.

A couple of points here: 1) That “ass clown” is Darrow Montgomery, a professional photographer who took a priceless shot to illustrate the story. If you want to invest in a helmet and then proceed to not use it—-and do all of that in public, then we have every right to grab a shot of it.

2) This whole notion about taking the helmet on and off according to traffic levels: Do you also take off your seat belt when you reach a country road, only to strap it back on when you’re in the city again?