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Top o’ the morning, folks! Hope everybody enjoyed a whomping St. Patrick’s Day. Lotta environmental news out there, so in honor of the collective hangover, City Paper presents a mean, green batch of news.

*WHAT’S HARDER TO SELL THAN A HYBRID? A three-wheeled, fully electric supercar from outer space.

*AMSTERDAM GOES GREEN! NO NO, NOT IN THAT WAY: Business Week hails the capital of the Netherlands as the sustainable city of the future!

*EXTRA-SPECIAL INTERESTS: The Center for Public Integrity explores the ballooning world of climate change lobbyists. Marianne Lavelle reports:

…while the Obama team readies to take on the global warming challenge, the special interests that seek to derail, blunt, or tailor any new climate policy to their narrow agendas have already gathered in staggering numbers.

If CPI’s numbers are legit—at least 770 companies, they say, have deployed over 2,000 lobbyists to influence the legislation in question—it’s a no-brainer that this’ll gum up the works. Elsewhere, CPI publishes a nice spread on the clean coal perplex and the “human disaster of longwall mining.”

*THERE’S MORE THAN ONE KIND OF GREEN: The Washington Independent argues that the spiraling economic crisis has deflated public interest in the issue of global warming. Commenter AntonioSosa fires back:

“Progressive” (communist) politicians like Obama seem determined to force us to swallow the man-made global warming scam. We need to defend ourselves from the UN and these politicians, who threaten our future and the future of our children.

Terrifying. Though I always thought commies were supposed to be red, not green.

*PLIGHT OF THE HONEYBEE: If you prefer a less wonk-ish, more cinematic take on the globe we’ve taken such pains to defile, head on over the the 17th annual D.C. Environmental Film Festival. Noteworthy flicks include Esiritu del Bosque (Spirit of the Forest, an animated feature), Peace With Seals, and The Return of the Honeybee (“a piercing investigative look at the economic, political and spiritual implications of the worldwide disappearance of the honeybee”). Lush cinematography abounds. The Festival runs to March 22.

*Photo above: “Go Irish! Go Green!” by Flipped Out