Authorities in Athens, Greece, have identified the victim of a fatal drunk-driving accident as Jeff Komlo.

Komlo grew up in Cheverly and played quarterback for DeMatha (class of ’74), the University of Delaware, and the Detroit Lions.

But life after football got pretty tough for Komlo. He has been a fugitive from the law for several years, after failing to show up for sentencing on two DWI convictions in Pennsylvania.

At the time Komlo fled, he was also being investigated for insurance fraud, arson, cocaine possession, assault, and money laundering.

Komlo’s crimes got him more national exposure than his throwing arm ever did: In 2005, he was featured on an episode of Fox’s America’s Most Wanted.

Because of his shady past, authorities in those U.S. jurisdictions where Komlo remains a fugitive say they’re not going to clear their books until they’re satisfied that the deceased really is their man.