LL is hearing word that the city today is moving to end contracts with Advanced Integrated Technology Corp.—-the outfit until recently headed by Sushil Bansal, charged last week in the tech corruption scandal—-and two other companies alleged to be associated with the fraud. LL has no confirmation of the companies’ identities, but Innovative IT Solutions Inc. and Circle Networks were both named in a federal affidavit supporting last week’s arrests.

AITC has garnered $13 million in city contracts since 2004, LL reported Friday. Between 20 and 30 employees of the three contractors will be affected, LL understands.

More to come.

UPDATE, 1:30 P.M.: Shahwanaz Samdar, an executive at AITC, says he’s unaware of any developments. “We haven’t heard anything. It’s business as normal here.”

UPDATE, 1:40 P.M.: WaPo confirms that Circle and Innovative are the two other companies; David Nakamura and Elissa Silverman also peg the number of affected employees at 23.