Mayor Fenty talked to WTOP about the controversy over his recent trip to Dubai. I’m sure LL will have a smart take on this. I’m just semi-shocked that Fenty claims to have no regrets over that trek in which the United Arab Emirates government shelled out $25,000 to the mayor. And he attended that tennis tournament in which an Israeli female player was barred. And when confronted about the trip, he claimed to have always wanted to go to Dubai.

Even more shocking, Fenty plans to keep his future trips secret:

“The mayor says while he does have more out-of-town trips planned, he will not release any details of those trips until after he returnsand only if required by law to do so.

‘I’m not going to tell you,’ Fenty tells WTOP.”

So much for transparency. Is this the kind of BS other big city mayor’s get themselves into? This controversy has been going on for weeks. Shouldn’t this tell us something about how Fenty handles his own screwups? How much longer will it take for Fenty to actually give a straight answer on this? LL asked Fenty about these issues some days ago and got some similiar stonewalling.