Yesterday, we blogged up D.C. Police Officer Robert Schmidt‘s arrest on solicitation charges. The cop was arrested on February 20 after trying to buy sex from an undercover cop at a downtown hotel. We just got a little bit of the court record on this case. The details are very smooth. According to a police officer’s narrative of events, the prostitution enforcement unit used Craigslist’s “erotic section to post ads utilizing two female undercover (UC) officers posing as prostitutes.”

The unit then pre-wired a room for video and audio at the Embassy Suites downtown. This is what they recorded between the undercover cop and Schmidt:

U/C: “How you doing?”

Schmidt: “I’m good. This is a really nice room.”

U/C: “I’m glad you like it. So, What do you do for a living?”

Schmidt: “I work with the government.”

U/C: “How cool is that!!! So, what you want?”

Schmidt: “Half hour.”

U/C: “That’s going to be $80.00. $80.000 for sex right.”

Schmidt: “Well, I’ll do a little of licking. Do you like that?”

U/C: “What?”

Schmidt: “When someone goes down on you?”

U/C: “Of course, I like everything.”

Schmidt: “Let me get comfortable I’ll be right back.”

Schmidt was then arrested. After attending the John’s School, his case was dismissed. He is now working a foot beat in 4D while he waits out the department’s own investigation. You can read the entire court document here (PDF).