The Washington Post has identified the victims in today’s triple homicide at the Carver Terrace Apartments in Northeast. According to family members of the victims, they are: “36-year-old Erica Harper Peters, and her two sons, Eric and Dakota

Kimberly Trimble, Peters’s sister, said that Erica had lived in the apartment with her boyfriend for three years. She said the relationship was troubled.

Bobby Harper, Erica’s father, said his daughter, who was hearing impaired, was an active member of Greater Mount Calvary Holy Church on Rhode Island Avenue, where she was involved in the dance ministry. She also signed during gospel concerts and special events.

Harper said he was supposed to pick up the children today for an outing: “I don’t know what happened. All I know is that my baby is dead.”

Just incredibly sad.

Fox News has more on the victims as well. Family of the victims “said the toddler who survived is named Ashley, and according to those relatives, [the] man taken to the hospital with injuries is the little girl’s father.” The station goes on to report that the relationship between Peters and the man were “troubled.”

Update 9:09 p.m. Mayor’s Office tells me they are still checking with social services to see if the family had contact.