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For a pilot about the FBI that may or may not get picked up for a show that stars someone who recently wrapped a miniseries shoot with Treat Williams, CBS Paramount plans to explode a boat in D.C.

Karyn LeBlanc, director of communications for the D.C. Dept. of Transpo, says the explosion will happen on the Potomac, just north of the Key Bridge and Jack’s Boahouse (near K/Water streets under the Whitehurst Freeway) on Wednesday between 9:30 a.m. and noon. One of six sculls in the shot will be consumed in a fireball.

“NOTE,” she writes, “it will NOT blow the boat into a million little pieces. Instead there will be a 20′ to 30′ high fire ball that will last approximately two (2) seconds. All material will be vaporized and there may be a small plume of smoke. The sound will be a low thud; not a loud bang.”

The pilot for Washington Field about an elite FBI unit stars Terri Polo, who will co-star with the aforementioned Treat Williams in the miniseries Megastorm. So if this doesn’t smell like a hit, in addition to reeking of sulfur, I don’t know that does.