The great Norman Chad rips Clark Kellogg a new one in today’s Washington Post.

Or, rather, Chad deplumes Kellogg a previously non-possessed one, as the blowhardy CBS color man would describe the action.

The Kellogg takedown was long overdue. Sure, he seems like a nice, smart guy—-but nobody says less in more time. The TV timeouts and Kellogg are the only good reasons not to watch the NCAA tournament. (Damn, was Friday night’s late session as good as televised sports gets or what?)

As revealed in a fresh Sports Bog entry from the also great Dan Steinberg (full-disclosure: neighbor, NCAA tournament gambling co-dependent), Wizards coach Ed Tapscott suffers from Kelloggitis. One example of Tapscott’s overspeaking ways: When asked if the team’s Houdini, Gilbert Arenas, will reappear on the court anytime soon, the coach says that “health will be the ultimate determination.”

The Magic 8-Ball would be a better interview.