*Big presser from the President last night.  The New York Times says, basically, farewell orator, hello professor; the Post has video and the transcript; Wonkette live-blogged; I just watched.

*10 months after the brutal murder of Jasmine McCray in the 4800 Block of G Street SE, D.C. Police announced yesterday that they have made an arrest in the case:

20-year-old Robert Lee Walker of Northwest Washington, DC was arrested in the 1200 block of Taylor Street, NW by members of the Joint Fugitive Task Force pursuant to an arrest warrant charging him with First Degree Murder While Armed in the shooting death of Jasmine McCray.

*Fenty proposes dropping Emancipation Day as a public holiday in the District; Harry Thomas, Jr. is not amused.  Via the Examiner:

“I think it is just disrespectful of what I think is one of the most important holidays we can honor,” Ward 5 Councilman Harry Thomas Jr. said Tuesday. “I will fight to ensure that it stays in the budget.”

*NOT JUST ANOTHER AVERAGE DAY IN THE ANIMAL KINGDOM: The National Zoo announces the birth of two clouded leopard cubs at their Conservation & Research Center in Front Royal.  Very nice spread from the Post, including a too-purty-for-words slideshow. Bonus points for the killer lede:

In the end, Hannibal did not administer the fatal bite to his mate’s neck. And Jao Chu did not immediately kill their offspring, as is often the case.

*PRINCE ASSAULTED BY PROLES: PoP got stoned last night on the corner of 14th and Harvard.  That wouldn’t be news, if it weren’t quite literally true.  The assailants? “4 12 year old boys.”  Here were his first thoughts:

Well, I’m not a super tough guy but I’m pretty sure I can beat the shit out of a 12 year old kid. So I’m thinking to myself, do I just go over there and punch one of the kids? No, I can’t do that. You can’t punch a 12 year old kid. I’m also thinking, ‘well I don’t want to break my ipod if they all jump on me’.

In true princely fashion, he turned the other cheek, most likely toggling his iPod to a fitting selection—say, the opening track of Blonde on Blonde.

*Over on Black Plastic Bag, Sarah Godfrey reports that Rare Essence is making its triumphant return to U Street.

Photo of the cubs courtesy of the National Zoo’s photostream