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LL just spoke with Attorney General Peter Nickles. He personally addressed for the first time concerns about the secrecy surrounding the travels of his boss, Mayor Adrian M. Fenty:

“That’s a bunch of baloney!” Nickles said. “People are chasing ghosts out there. He is entitled to his private life, and the political life does not necessarily preclude his having a private life.”

LL noted to Nickles that when Fenty staff noted that his weeklong trip in February was a family vacation, no reporter begrudged him his private life. The trip only became controversial when he returned and it was revealed that the travel had official components and that it was paid for by a foreign government.

Said Nickles, “All I know is that my ethics guys looked at it, I looked at it,” and neither found any wrongdoing.

Nickles noted he remains in touch with Hizzoner when he is on the road; in fact, Nickles noted, he spoke on the phone with Fenty at his undisclosed location not more than 10 minutes before he phoned LL.

“The press has more important things to do,” he says. “When I see this stuff, I figure it’s a slow news day.”

Guess it’s a slow news day.