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Observant blogger RobG at the horror site Icons of Fright has reported a somewhat alarming faux pas by Magnolia Pictures/Magnet Releasing, distributors of Swedish vampire flick Let the Right One In: The subtitles on the DVD and Blu-ray discs made available to the public suck.

And I say “made available to the public” because the film’s original screener copies, including mine, were properly translated to begin with. (As was the theatrical print.) RobG speculated that the studios might have had to pay its original translator, Ingrid Eng, again for the DVD release and decided to go with someone cheaper.

The news created such an uproar among fans of the film, though, that Magnolia/Magnet have done something unfathomable: reacted. A representative told Web site The Digital Bites the following:

“We’ve been made aware that there are several fans that don’t like the version of the subtitles on the DVD/BR. We had an alternate translation that we went with. Obviously a lot of fans thought we should have stuck with the original theatrical version. We are listening to the fans feedback, and going forward we will be manufacturing the discs with the subtitles from the theatrical version.”

No word on when these new discs will be available. For some egregious examples of the mangled translation, go to Icons of Fright. Nice job, RobG!