I was saving this for my morning roundup, but Gawker, Wonkette and the Twitterverse are buzzing around this item like flies on a dead oppossum (I’ll provide better context at 8 a.m.):

The money quote:

From: Alyssa Rosenberg …@gmail.com> Date: Tue, 24 Mar 2009 15:06:27 -0400 Local: Tues, Mar 24 2009 3:06 pm Subject: Re: [JournoList] Re: BREAKING: Marty Peretz is a Crazy-Ass Racist I’m not about to speak to the question of who should or shouldn’t be on this list.  But I agree with Jon that the tendency to lapse into name-calling, or making broad assumptions about people who aren’t on this list, seems at minimum like it’s not the best use of our time, and at worst, unworthy of this very smart, very funny community.  It bothered me when folks where making totally unsubstantiated comments about [REDACTED!—mk]’s sex life, and it bothers me when folks make [REDACTED] jokes.  To be clear, I’m totally open to legitimate commentary on the substance of anyone’s argument, and people should get smacked down if they lie, if they get things wrong, etc.  I think analyzing Peretz’s writing about Mexicans, or Palestinians, or whoever, is totally fair game.  But saying that [REDACTED] clearly must not have a girlfriend, or speculating about who [REDACTED] gets turned down by sexually are not arguments.  We wouldn’t take similar statements remotely seriously if they were made by conservatives about anyone on this list.

Head over to Kausfiles.com to witness people bash the stinking shit out of Marty Peretz.