On its first submission to the MPAA, Sacha Baron Cohen’s Bruno has received an NC-17 rating, according to The Wrap.

Though trailers for the film are not yet available, Cohen screened 20 minutes of his follow-up to Borat at SXSW earlier this month. Highlights included the following shenanigans from the character, a gay Austrian journalist:

—holding a children’s casting call in which he asks a mother if her infant could lose seven pounds for the part, which involves dressing as a Nazi and pushing someone into an oven;

—posing on a talk show as a single father looking for a boyfriend to help him raise his adopted black child, who has the “traditional African name” of O.J. and is a “real dick magnet”;

—fighting as “Straight Dave” in a cage match, which turns into an explicit make-out session with his opponent while the audience goes nuts, and not in an encouraging way.

But fear not: Borat first received an NC-17 too, and we still got naked dudes shoving their balls in each other’s faces.

Bruno is out July 10.