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In Shaw writes on chickens in the city: “As I remember, I thought there were laws on the books that in one way or another say no to chickens. Just to make sure I checked The City Chicken, which according to it’s chicken law page says, ‘Washington D.C. Housing chickens here violates health laws and is not legal.’
Then I checked the online DC Code, plugging in Chicken, poultry and fowl….”

The Georgetown Metropolitan wonders: Does Jack Evans Abuse Parking Laws? There are incriminating photos of Evans’ car clearly parked illegally—-that is if he were just an average citizen. It is an open question whether he actually deserved a ticket.

Borderstan notes that construction has begun at the 17th-S-and-New Hampshire dog park. Post includes photos! Still, the project might be behind. The writer wonders: “I have not heard anything new on the opening date other than ‘spring.’ Anyone know anything more about a specific date?”

Bureaucrat310 chronicles a rough commute: “On this particular morning I was running late. Just as I descended into the columbia heights metro station I noticed that the next train would be arriving in 2 minutes. I hustle, run to the turnstile, swipe my card and get the dreaded ‘go see a customer service agent’ warning…”

Life in Mount Vernon Square posts the agenda for ANC6C’s zoning and planning issues slated for its April 1 meeting.

River East Idealist talks about the proposed bag tax: “Nobody likes paying taxes. We pay income taxes, sales tax, property tax, capital gains tax, and even death tax! While no one enjoys giving money to the government, most of us will agree that each tax strategically contributes to the the social benefits of living in Washington DC. If Council Member Tommy Wells has his way, we will pay a 5 cent tax on each plastic and paper bag we consume via the Anacostia River Clean Up and Protection Act of 2009…”

Pop Cesspool confesses: “I do harbor a certain cockiness…”

Something important may be happening to WCP at 2 p.m.