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Happy Wednesday, D.C.! You might remember City Paper‘s kind-of-a-big-deal Inauguration Photo Contest, whereby we elicited “dope” photographs from readers across the land. Two weeks later, we announced the winners. Recently, we even decided to send the winners their super-special swag, inspiring fourth-placer Aziz Y. to photograph his pooch in our delightful knit cap (above right). I think Beaujon‘s was more of a statement, natch (above left)—but hats off to Aziz and his BFF, regardless.

Newsier stuff below the jump.

*In (much) more somber canine news, the Post reports that a District Heights boy is in critical condition after being mauled by a pit bull yesterday morning. Prince George’s County EMS said the boy’s face and eye wounds are “not considered life-threatening.” It’s a sad story with a weird twist:

Officer Evan Baxter, a spokesman for Prince George’s County police, said county animal control had taken custody of the pit bull. Any pit bulls born after Feb. 3, 1997, are illegal in Prince George’s, Baxter said

Anyone know why that is?

*The New York Times has some admirable coverage of the man-trips-over-pet trend. Looks like dogs get the short leash on this one:

The data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show that while we sometimes trip over our cats, dogs are the primary cause of pet-related falling accidents.

*Speaking of pooches, Farm Fresh Meat has some thoughts on the Washington Humane Society‘s fundraiser this past weekend. (His headline, “Val Kilmer To Save Cats And Dogs, Get Drunk,” pretty much sums it up.)

*And in this very paper, Jason Cherkis has written an excellent cover story on the March 21 triple homicide in Northeast. Nothing to do with dogs, and definitely not an April fool’s joke. Just damn good reporting.