James Lipton and Jack Marshall: Separated at birth?
James Lipton and Jack Marshall: Separated at birth?

What: Jack Marshall, the guy who compiles the exhaustive (and sometimes exhausting) audience guides at The American Century Theater, sits down for an onstage chat with three of D.C.’s very best working actors: Kate Eastwood Norris, Naomi Jacobson, and Rick Foucheux.

Why: At one point or another, I’ve interviewed (or at least leaned against a lobby bar with) everybody involved, so trust me when I say they’ve got stories to tell — and not all of them are high-toned meditations on craft.  So go check it out; I’d say “See you there,” but that would be a lie, ’cause it’s my anniversary, and somehow my already overtaxed credit card and I have managed to snag reservations at Komi.

When: Tonight, 8 o’clock
Where: Theatre Lab, 733 8th Street NW Washington, DC 20001. Check the Google map below.
How much: Pay-What-You-Can, to benefit The Arts Fund for Child Health and Development, run by psychologist (and DC-based actor) Brian Razzino.

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