In case you missed it: Jason Cherkis‘ cover story this week goes beyond Fenty’s funeral platitudes about domestic abuse. Cherkis’ reporting shows holes in the timeline that begins with a 911 call made by a child later found dead—-a call no one’s talking about because the incident was “very fatal.” It ends with the fire department getting inside, possibly almost two hours later. Also: CFSA’s involvement, and the prolific Internet writings of Joseph Mays, accused in the murder of 37-year-old Erika Peters and her two sons, ages 10 and 11.

Over at Examiner, Michael Neibauer is also digging in on the CFSA front: “Banita Jacks’ four daughters were failed not by a single agency, but by the collective failure of the D.C. government, schools and nonprofit community to coordinate and provide the services they so desperately needed, a new report concludes.” A must-read that spreads the blame around.

The B1 News at the Post is more cherry blossoms. Don’t care. Marc Fisher, though, is writing news about the plastic bag bill: As with the proposed bottle fee, lobbyists are again behind robocalls to poor people who, it’s assumed, love plastic trash and greenhouse gas. Fisher’s take is classic Fisher (read: informed and often exquisite) but the best graf is saved for last: “Once again, a city divided by a river is split, but mark this: Plastic bags make up 21 percent of the trash in the Anacostia River, no matter how the bag industry may try to cleave the District. Class dismissed.”

Elsewhere in the D.C. Blogoworld:

* In case you missed it: City Desk’s Rend Smith called Nick Cho about explosive news he’s closing Murky and Cho actually answered the phone. He really is a changed man! Quick: Someone order an iced latte (but wear a cup).

* Remember that made-for-bad-TV explosion on the Potomac we were all so into? It kind of sucked.

* Washington City Paper staffer misunderstood by 14th & You who thinks listings editor Mike Riggs is too cool for Tex-Mex. Um, have you met Mike Riggs? He is not above irony and, dare we say, snark… but the boy grew up in Florida. He truly does love him some melted cheese.

* Will our trusted 42 get swallowed by the ballyhooed Circulator? Discuss.

* And speaking of improvements at Metro, April is no-delay month. But in characteristic fashion, Unsuck DC Metro finds the nugget: The announcement of no-delay month was delayed by an hour and 45 minutes. Awesome.

* Hey, not sure if you knew, but Upset the Setup is STILL selling T-shirts. Now they’re black.

* And a plea: Douche in DC, where are you? There are so many ‘bag sightings you’ve missed. Please come back. This city needs you.

Flickr photo outside Banita Jacks’ house by gingher.