Coming off Memorial Bridge onto the George Washington Parkway is enough to get anyone flustered. As Wikipedia says:

A peculiarity of the at the western terminus is that traffic already in the circle must yield to traffic entering the circle — the exact opposite of the usual rule.

Every morning I see exactly the same traffic incident resulting from this “peculiarity.”

A Virginia-bound car (a) exits the bridge just as a car in the traffic circle (b) inches forward, not sure to whom it’s supposed to yield. At point (c), car (a) nearly rear-ends car (b) at point (c) then lays on the horn and chases car (b) all the way down toward 395, honking, flashing lights, and flipping the bird. (I’m at point (d), glad I’m on a bike.)

I see this every. single. morning. Anyone have any idea how this “peculiarity” could be addressed? You can’t have bridge traffic yield; that would quickly back traffic up across the bridge and probably up 23rd Street NW and the Rock Creek Parkway. Could signage address it? A light?