From a poster on the Shepherd Park listserv:

“Looks like a Raccoon has nibbled a hole and his/her way into our roof/perhaps attic. We noticed the raised piece of roofing late last week, and today are hearing sounds of activity from the fireplace. Today, a neighbor told my husband he has seen the raccoon scrapping at our roof and on the roof of a house behind ours across the alley. He suspects baby raccoons are, or will be on the scene soon, which as I write might explain the sounds I am hearing now. I need some advice as to who to call, what to do, possible costs involved and any other thoughts on the subject. From the sounds and frequency, coupled with my kids skiddishness, I likely need to move fast on some course of action. I thought I had saved list serv posts seen before on the subject, but don’t see any in my saved msg-box, so responses are greatly appreciated!”