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Today’s B1 news: “We think it will be positive for everyone involved in the organization that we now have a plan to address the cloud of debt that we’ve been walking around with for years,” Kenneth S. Slaughter, chairman of the Boys and Girls Clubs’ board, told WaPo regarding the decision to close four area clubs: the Jelleff Branch in Georgetown, the Hopkins Branch on Capitol Hill, the Northwestern High School Branch in Hyattsville, and Brent Place in Alexandria.

Know who else is dealing with debt… by not going into it? (No, not us, silly.) The Caps’ biggest fans and/or advertisers: Pulte Homes. Pulte’s buying Centex, creating the nation’s largest homebuilder and ending Realtor bets about when the bottom’s coming. The cash reserves of the combined company are $3.4 billion, about $1 billion of which will be used to pay down debts by the end of the year, just in time for the rebound.

In Nats news: They continue to lose, and it’ll take more than some weird statues to get this town to put on its rally cap. But DC Metroblogs has a remedy: Find Ryan Zimmerman at a few of his favorite brotown hangouts (McFaddens, Liberty Tavern, Town Hall, K Street Lounge) and shame him into taking off his hipster shades, putting down the glass, and taking this “face of the Nats” thing a touch more seriously.

Elsewhere in the D.C. Blogoworld

* DCist, natch, has the details and commentary on the Breadline Bar Crawl, a Friday 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. event organized by out-of-work lawyers. They should hit up Zim. Some of the bars on the list for April 17 are right in his wheelhouse.

* Q Street News is turning down the volume on Shaw’s oft-hated owners of shabby properties (Shiloh Baptist and Michael Sendar) to give some love to the new condo/apartment building at 9th and Q. Before and After photos are pretty striking.

* Why I Hate DC needs a roommate since he’s not:

a) male, sexy, 250 pounds, possibly with a beard and mustache
b) female with a “loud vagina”
c) anyone with a “murcielago” or
d) anyone who’s not a crackhead.

Also, he doesn’t appear willing to be down with serial tight mansion close to the Rhode Island Metro. Go figure.