• SG, who takes exception to Erik Wemple calling local blogger Jacqueline Dupree “nasty”: “By and large, I find the City Paper writers to be a lot more bitter, nasty, and negative than Jacqueline. Just sayin… I still read the stuff, but that’s my impression.”
  • Suzanne, who tries to get inside Wemple’s head on the  same point: “Erik, just because Jacqueline doesn’t want to waste her time answering the same five questions, and has the guts to say so up front, doesn’t justify you freaking out on her. Could it be YOU wanted to ask her some of those questions and are secretly piqued about that?”
  • emrj, who finds our coverage too granular: “Now, if you could only connect this tidbit to the Dominican ambulance donation. You know how they mess with birth dates for ball players down in the D.R. Yep, then you’d have a Pulitzer for sure.”
  • crin, who actually came up with a solution for the traffic problem at Memorial Bridge that I blogged about: “Of the three lanes coming off the bridge, left lane should be curbed into a separate lane well back of the circle. Then at the circle. leftmost lane, should be given a stop sign/yield to circle while the separate center and right lanes continue with their right of way onto parkway.”
  • Steve Rosenbaum, who enlivened the comments section all week with his earnest defenses of new media.


How could it be anyone besides Steve Rosenbaum? Steve, a Washington City Paper T-shirt is yours; just e-mail me your size and address. I promise the package will contain only a T-shirt!

Photo from the Smithsonian’s National Zoo’s Flickr stream, which really is one of the best things in Washington.