In a retro zero-tolerance move, the D.C. Police announced today that it will start ticketing litter bugs. The move follows the D.C. Council passing an anti-littering law last year. Don’t worry, you probably can go ahead and throw your McDonald’s wrappers out of your car window. There’s a month-long grace period. And do you really see D.C. cops ticketing for this?

The police write in its release:

“Starting April 10, 2009 (today), the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) will begin a 30-day warning period to alert motorists of the littering violation and associated fines. Following the warning period, police will begin issuing actual Notices of Infraction (NOIs) to motorists caught littering from their vehicles. The fine for a traffic littering violation is $100 per violation.

“Litter poses health risks, harms water quality and wildlife habitat, and is an offense against communities.  Neighborhoods with a lot of litter are at risk of more serious crime and disorder.”