UPDATED 4/13 (see below) They’ve popped up all over Alexandria—signs advertising the city council campaign of Rich Williamson. Williamson goes by his first name on his signs, but that’s not as unusual as his choice to post a cartoon version of his face on them.

Williamson hasn’t answered my e-mail asking him about this unorthodox campaigning, but I did poke around on his campaign Web site, where I discovered that “cartoon Rich” and “real-life Rich” aren’t too dissimilar. I kind of like the idea of having a councilmember who can double as an IM icon.

UPDATE 4/13 Williamson wrote me back yesterday:

Well, the most important thing in politics it seems is to be noticed!  I figured by using the maximum allowed size of 2′ by 2′ and an attention getting image, it would generate more interest in a drab name on a well contrasted color once again.  There are only so many ways to arrange shooting stars! 🙂  I am an “out of the box” thinker, and I wanted my sign to reflect that by voting for me voters are not going to get more of the same tired rhetoric.  At the same time, it shows hopefully that I am approachable and don’t think I have all the answers.  I’m relying on the voters to help me define the direction of the city.