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Easter weekend, aka illegal parking weekend, went off pretty much hitchless here in D.C. Lots of people driving around in nice clothes—-that’s what it looked like to me. Anyone ever take Metro to church? I mean really, have you ever heard someone utter the sentence, “Yeah, so I was late for church because of a delay on Metro. Red line was all screwed up.” That’s when we know we live in a green world, when WMATA starts announcing special Sunday service for services.

Anyhow, there was some pretty good journalism getting tossed about on this holiday weekend. The Washington Post‘s Eli Saslow went to Texas to monitor the GWB post-presidency and came back with all kinds of details, including an account of a dinner with the Bushes and neighbors, the efforts of some Boy Scouts to penetrate the former prez’s cocoon, and the usual template about how Bush gets up early, goes to the office, keeps in touch with former administration officials, etc. I’m guessing the piece weighed in at about 3,000 words.

So how did the New York Times manage to fit more into a piece one fraction of that size? Because it had one key detail: Dick Cheney isn’t coming to an anticipated administration reunion. Gotta say that the Cheney bit was worth a lot more than the fact that George and Laura don’t like to cook too much.

Post‘s Tim Craig on how D.C. is going all liberal all of a sudden.

AP goes into some detail on the Chandra Levy—Ingmar Guandique case, talking about how the thing is riddled with holes. This is one of those stories that rests on, like, “former prosecutors” and various experts.

Missed the blossom? BYT has got you covered.