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JDLand has her own thoughts on the allegedly slow development around Nationals Park (including both Southeast and Southwest sides). She uses the Post‘s archives to make the point that the MCI Center didn’t exactly create instant redevelopment. [She doesn’t use those same archives to chart all the failed promises city leaders have made concerning Nationals Park; nor does she use those same archives to chart how much money the city has dumped into the project].

Another argument she could have made: The problem with all the civic boosters behind Nationals Park is that they are having to sell one of the ugliest pieces of city real estate. The MCI Center was built in a downtown neighborhood with obvious strengths that Nationals Park does not have. MCI Center had Chinatown, MLK Library and other civic destination spots like say the old DCRA building (ha), the courthouses, and police headquarters. Nationals Park was built in a decimated spot with almost zero charm. Anyway, I posted my two cents on the subject yesterday.

Misadventures in D.C. folds up its blog, blames Twitter and Facebook (like real media people!). They write: “The weird thing, of course, is that blogging now seems… well, so QUAINT. So old-fashioned, this idea of taking the time to construct paragraphs of text, telling a story, fleshing out an idea or thought through the process of writing about it. We’ve been reduced to brief one-sentence status updates (or worse, in the case of Twitter: 140 characters). It’s easier to stay in touch than ever before. Yet our communication becomes more superficial with each sign of ‘progress.'”

Borderstan collects early April crime stats for Borderstan.

And Now, Anacostia gives its blessing to Cherry Blast.

Bureaucrat310 mourns the crowding of Ben’s Chili Bowl now that they’ve spotted tour buses parked outside the D.C. institution. There’s tension between the old men and the tourists:

“I was at Ben’s Chili Bowl last night with an out-of-town friend who wanted to “visit the place where Obama eats.” It was 2am, crowded and loud! I sat at the counter next to an elderly black man and about three or four of his buddies. Yes, an old guy out past 2am! We’d already ordered as a white college-aged man started shouting his order behind me. The man, for some unknown reason, stuck his arm in between me and the elderly black man to rest his hand on the counter. He accidentally brushed against the black man who did not enjoy being touched – a small argument ensued…”

The 42 taps out a thoughtful rundown of area sports teams and events.