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President Obama didn’t throw out the first pitch at yesterday’s Nats opener.

The Washington Times broke the story on March 7 that Obama would indeed be making the ceremonial toss “[p]rovided his schedule doesn’t change because of world events.” The news went viral and was repeated all over the place.

We now know that unless an Easter Egg Hunt or an 0-7 start qualify as a “world event,” somebody was lying to the Times.

The Times story said the scoop came from “a club source who spoke on the condition of anonymity.”

So what Nats official would resort to such penny-wise, pound-foolish measures to help sell tickets to an Opening Day desperate for some buzz?

Hmmm. Maybe this guy?

Without Obama, the Nats let five different folks throw out the first pitch.

Looks silly on paper, but maybe Stan Kasten, making lemonade out of chicken salad, decided to use the ritual to scout some arms.