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Yesterday, the U.S. Park Police were involved in a shooting of a District resident at 2nd and K Streets NE. The shooting took place in the early afternoon.

Davin Tarr was home working on his taxes. He was sitting on his couch in his 11th Floor apartment on Eye Street between 2nd and Third, he says, when he heard a pop, pop, pop.

And then Tarr heard another pop, pop, pop. “There were two bursts of them, pretty close together,” he recalls.

This wasn’t the normal city noises he was used to. Tarr decided to see what was going on outside his window.  According to the park police, Tarr apparently heard the officers fire on Ronald Hughes after he allegedly struck one of the officers with his car.

Hughes managed to drive off. Tarr was able to capture his failed escape.

Tarr grabbed his Nikon D300 and began snapping away at the scene below which he posted on Flickr. The photos have generated a fair amount of comments as they detail the standoff between Hughes and the Park Police.

Tarr’s photo series shows Hughes attempting his getaway, sputtering into a wall and then driving down 2nd Street NE until a police cruiser boxes Hughes in. Hughes—who was injured in the shooting—is eventually dragged out of his car by his undershirt. “They were mostly trying to get his shirt off of him,” Tarr says.

“At that point, he wasn’t putting up much resistance or anything,” Tarr adds. “The cops were acting pretty professional in my layman’s opinion. They acted swiftly but carefully.”

Tarr adds that the police held Hughes in place until paramedics arrived a short time later.

Of Hughes, Tarr says: “I think he was basically surrendering at that point. He got down on the ground without any struggle. The cops didn’t do anything with him. They just made sure he stayed there. It looks more dramatic in the photos.”

After Tarr’s photos hit the web, he says he got an e-mail from a U.S. Park Police detective. The police asked for copies of his pictures. Tarr says he gave his consent.

Tarr shrugs off the attention, explaining that it was just “an interesting day out on the street.”

Photo By Davin Tarr.