*INDOGURATION UPDATE: Yesterday afternoon, following the President’s latest round of cautious optimism, Ted Kennedy presented the Obama famiy with Bo, a six-month-old Portugese water dog .  The Post has video, a bombastic lede, and some Us Weekly-worthy niceties:

About 10 minutes later the First Family emerged again, racing up the hill, with the president doing a nifty maneuver to switch the leash from one hand to another to avoid getting tangled and tripping.

“Pshew! Close call,” the episode concludes.

*D.C. Police have found James Duncan, whom they first reported missing last week.  (In unrelated news, they also found a gun).

*SWDCBlog offers some stunning renderings of the Mead Center, Arena Stage’s new, er, stage, which is still under construction.  (On its own site, Arena offers a webcam of the construction.)

*WISH LISZT: This evening, the Washington Performing Arts Society hosts a presentation on Franz Liszt‘s devilishly difficult “Transcendental Études” as part of the “What Makes It Great?” series.  (These études, Mike Paarlberg observes, “showed off Listz’s chops as an unmatched performer and the hardest working touring musician in Europe—something of the Black Flag of his day.”)  Will Erik Wemple, noted classical music enthusiast, attend?  Only one way to find out!

*Creative DC is back, while Arjewtino is no more.

*The Prince of Petworth still loves you, Cleveland Park!