Who needs a reality show when actual news is good enough? Applications to the U.S. Naval Academy are up 50 percent. The academy credits its two-year outreach campaign to minorities and the Post considers if it might be the lure of a free education in lean times. But we’re going to jump to conclusions. It’s pirate-fighting. Who doesn’t want scurvy on the high seas?

New in City Paper: Every one of our hits and misses for Filmfest DC. Now in its 23rd go-round, the fest is growing up and drinking better cocktails. Plus: It’s April. What else are you going to do?

Last night was Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Semifinals and let’s just say Bruce Boudreau is wearing his cranky face today. Caps lost 4-3 to the Rangers, making a couple things clear: It’s going to be a tough series, their goalie is better than ours, and Ovie better ice up after all those hits ’cause they’re coming after him on Saturday. Game 2’s at the Verizon Center again. Got tickets? No one likes a showoff.

Elsewhere in the D.C. Blogoworld:

* Diary of a Mad Cabbie offers this insight: “Transvestite escort girls are very hard to come by in Washington DC and you better have a thick wallet to have a real convincing hot chic looking transvestite like Alexis.”

* Rebuilding Place in the Urban Space has a tax protest that, unlike tea bags, makes sense.

* The new InTowner is online and boldly going where others have gone before in invoking Dick Cheney in proximity to “Peter Nickles.” You still need a copy editor, InTowner (“…being seriously insensitive to how his conduct has been undermining the voters trust…”), but, hey, you’re still alive.

* Penn Quarter Living excited about sidewalks, misses Popeye’s.

* Why I Hate DC actually loves D.C….’s welfare system. BONUS: Awesome picture of a bum.

* We Love DC, meanwhile, also loves brunch. I, too, love D.C. but have to disagree on brunch.

Photo of a stuffed pirate dog by Rev Dan Catt.