The Caps have been getting all the attention lately.

So at least one bit of last night’s game report from Chinatown by Fox-5’s 10 o’clock news gatherer Bob Barnard came as a shock.

The shocking portion:

“Wednesday was Rock the Red towel night at the Verizon Center, but it wasn’t a sell out. That said, the tickets that were available weren’t cheap, and those coming from the box office would set you back more than $100.” (Italics added.)

What? Not a sellout? Every other news organization used some form or “sold-out Verizon Center” in their game stories.

Yet Barnard led viewers to believe he actually walked up to the ticket window.

Have we been duped? Are all the hockey-buzz stories bogus?

Tickets were available at the box office at game time for Game 1?

Good golly. I just went to the Caps website and tried ordering for Game 2.

It ain’t sold out, either.

Sounds to me like it’s time for another “Save the Caps” telethon!