As everyone knows by now, a man was assaulted a few days ago after taking down a Cowboys flag off of someone’s car. The story made the local news but merited only an AP story in the Post. This should have landed on the front page! This may just mark a turning point in Redskins fandom.

First, here’s what the AP wrote:

“Police said a man was punched in the face after grabbing a Dallas Cowboys flag from a car in downtown Washington. D.C. police Lt. Eric Hayes said someone snatched the flag from a car as it was stopped in traffic Tuesday evening and apparently threw it to the ground.

Police and witnesses said that by the time the man crossed the street, someone exited the car and struck him in the face before driving away.”

All I have to say is the assault victim deserves a key to the city or some kind of parade from D.C. to Raljon. This guy is a hero, the ultimate extremeskins fan.

For years, we Skins fans have suffered in silence. We’ve seen those Cowboys flags. And what have we ever done about it?

One afternoon on Columbia Road, I spotted a guy parking his car. The car had a Cowboys flag. I wanted to say something, something manly and intimidating about how this is Redskins Country ! Or maybe drop a reference to our glory days in the ’80s (the Hogs, the Fun Bunch, Riggo, etc.). Or bring up our then-legendary coach Gibbs. But it had been a long time since those glory days. And, well, have you heard Joe Gibbs laugh?

I just turned to the man and muttered something about the flag and about how this is Washington, D.C. And then I said: “We’re gonna surprise some people this year.”

Pathetic. The dude should have stuffed me in a super can. Instead, he just laughed it off.

If you’re a Skins fan, you tend to lose a lot of arguments.

But now at least one fan fought back. He may have gotten punched in the face. But I’m sure it was worth the pain—-his bravery means one less Cowboys flag we all have to see. And one less argument we have to start.