Sigh. Vertigo Books is seeking kind home(s) for its fixtures. Vertigo expects to close on April 25. Fisher offers his own personal reflections on the bookstore’s closing and in particular co-owner Bridget Warren: “I’ve rarely met a more passionate and knowledgeable bookseller than Warren, whose commitment to books and the people who read them is so powerful that she managed to conduct simultaneous careers as bookshop owner and as director of programming for the Prince George’s County Public Library system, even while acting as unpaid den mother to countless local writers and readers.”

U Street Girl discovers a garden filled with plastic flowers. Creepy or cool?

Eckington (way better than Spotsylvania) charts a round-trip bike route from his home ‘hood to Nationals Park.

The Change I Wish To See finds sadness on the Metro:

“Every single face was its own perfect storm: furrowed brow, droopy eyes, frowned lips.  There was only reclusive color: a sea of grays and blacks and browns; the kinds of colors perfect for blending into shadows. I felt out of place.  But not because I don’t have any reason to fret or fear or fall.  It was because when people are that sad, you feel as if they should be left alone.”

The 42 notes that Mount Pleasant just might have a cameo or two in State of Play.

Penn Quarter Living notes that Ford’s Theatre is offering discount performances.

D.C. Fire/EMS needs to update its twitter account! We fell for the hype and follow you guys. C’mon!