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Yesterday, the U.S. Attorney’s Office noted that conclusion of Randolph Scott Harris’ case. Harris, also known as Eddie Harris, 46, was sentenced to 242 months for AWIK, ADW, threats and “related firearms charges,” according to a press release. Why should we care? Because of the circumstances of his crimes.

On March 30, 2008, Harris went to Hart Middle School with a loaded shotgun. The press release states:

“The school was being used as a church that day. The defendant saw his estranged wife sitting in a vehicle, ran over to the vehicle with the shotgun, pointed the shotgun at his wife, and demanded that she open the vehicle. The estranged wife (who had previously been assaulted at gunpoint by the defendant five months earlier) refused to open the door.

“At that point, [Harris] walked over to the pastor of the church, pointed the shotgun at the back of the pastor’s head, and walked the pastor at gunpoint to the vehicle. The defendant demanded that the pastor open the door to the vehicle and threatened to kill the pastor if the pastor did not open the door. When the pastor explained that he was unable to open the door, the defendant stepped back, racked the shotgun, ejected a round, and pulled the trigger. Fortunately, the weapon did not fire.

Thereafter, the defendant struck the pastor in the head with the shotgun, causing him to collapse to the ground. After striking the pastor, the defendant pointed the shotgun at two additional church members, as well as at a visitor, before fleeing the scene.”

Police recovered in his path multiple rounds of ammo, the shotgun as well as Harris’ clothes. Police also found a roll of duct tape and a duffle bag that held a bullet-proof vest. In the wake of Erika Peters, we should remember this case as well.