Carrie S. Kohns is chief of staff to Mayor Adrian M. Fenty. She has been described to LL as a “definite foodie.”

So Hot Right Now: “Sei, on 7th Street. Love the fish-and-chips roll.”

Old Standby: “You can’t go wrong with BLT [Steak]. That’s an old standby. Delicious every time, great service—-best steak in town, for sure.” She gets the filet—-“baseball cut, medium rare.” Wedge salad to start. Oh, and the popovers! “That’s what keeps you coming back.”

Source of Foodie Intel: Kohns isn’t a Zagat or Don Rockwell devotee—-she’s all about word of mouth. “I have lots of friends who are trying new places.”

Power Lunch Locale: “The bullpen,” referring to the John A. Wilson Building’s mayoral office space. “We usually grab a salad from Devon & Blakely (1331 F St. NW). It’s a make-your-own place….I don’t have a policy of having someone bring my lunch…but if a person is going to Devon & Blakely, I usually write a list on a little Post-It.”

Coffee Order: Regular drip, with half-and-half and a little Splenda. Sometimes homebrewed, sometimes not.

Neighborhood Fave: Posto, on 14th Street NW. She and husband Daniel Kohns live nearby. “We’re there all the time.”

What the Boss Eats: “He’s sort of a creature of habit.” For breakfast, it’s always oatmeal with raisins and brown sugar. “Big tea drinker….Herbal tea, not caffeinated.” “When he’s here and having lunch, it’s usually a salad at his desk. I’ve seen him do Corner Bakery or M&S.” And no potato chips. Ever.

Weekend Cookery: “Stuffed chicken breasts….I do like spinach, bacon, and chicken. You can either pound and roll [the chicken] or make a little pocket.” And Kohns says she makes a mean pot of collard greens—-with smoked turkey sausage. (Communications Director Mafara Hobson holds that smoked ham hocks are a prerequisite.)

Family Heirloom Recipe: The peach stuffing made by mom Carol Fennelly. That’s right: “Like stuffing for like Thanksgiving, but with peaches in it.”