Weekend weather retrocast: In this town, it always seems as if the weather gods want to give us a blast of summer before proceeding with primo spring weather. Don’t have a big problem with that—-but the pools are never open in April.

Speaking of pools, I continue to hear from people in the community about the strange axing of Clark Ray, the guy who ran the city’s Department of Parks and Recreation, until he was unceremoniously fired by the Fenty regime. A couple of parks-oriented community types over the past several days have bent my ear, saying, hey, here was a guy who was actually working hard, trying to make things happen—-and then comes the hook.

However, if you look at City Desk from late last week, our amazing Loose Lips columnist Mike DeBonis reports of mass firings at the rec department. Could this be what forced the reckoning—-that Ray refused to clean house the way that Dan Tan and others were insisting? A possibility.

Elsewhere, you gotta credit WaPo reporter Allison Klein for this piece, about how the Pentagon’s maze of inroads, off-roads, and access roads constitute a trap of sorts for drunk drivers. Never driven drunk there, but I have felt as helpless as a drunk trying to get out of there on one or two occasions, both following trips to Costco.

On the media front: How many more columns is Andy Alexander going to write on the corrections problem at the Washington Post before taking someone to task for it? I mean, who deserves the blame for letting the backlog of uncorrected stuff get so big?

Also on the media front: Commenters are going wild on the Washington City Paper‘s piece on Foreign Policy magazine. What a community we’re building.

Have no idea how the Redskins made out in the draft. How no idea how the Eagles made out in the draft. How no idea how the Giants or the Cowboys made out in the draft. In the coming days, fans and commentators will be delivering grades to all these draft performances, and all of it is useless. You’re better off reading about Foreign Policy magazine, in fact. Because even though we can organize information like no one’s biz, we can beam updates everywhere, aggregate all kinds of shit, and ping to our heats’ content, but one thing we’ll never be able to master is how well a college football player will perform in the NFL. Never.

Colbert I. King: Slamming the D.C. Council, among others, for their pettiness regarding baseball tix. Points well taken.

And some pricey vandalism took place Saturday around Logan Circle.