Mystery Well in Rock Creek

Josh Bowers, the local lawyer who pointed me to the pieces of the U.S. Capitol and the weird, shallow wells dug behind them, writes today that “it was only a matter of time until an occult group theory would surface.”

Bowers has been posting this week’s CP story to various Listservs and e-mail groups, hoping someone out there knows what those wells are and why they’re there. (That’s his son, Noah, sticking his head in one above.)

A reader sent him a link to Folklore of Wells, a 1918 study of water worship in East and West, written by R.P. Masani. Somewhere in its pages, the book indicates that a grouping of seven wells holds mystical meaning. It’s not a tape-loop installation/audio salad in the middle of the park, but it’s a theory.

Photograph by Darrow Montgomery