Did the police get all handsy with you this weekend? During the past three days, the D.C. Police launched another one of its All-Hands-On-Deck efforts in which all available officers were required to work a patrol beat. I saw the police respond in force to several little scenes—-but the buzz going around centered on police apparently stopping and ticketing cyclists.

On Sunday, a woman was found dead in her home. She was shot. Three other men were shot as well. The shootings look related. On Saturday night, there was a shooting at 14th and W. Crime must have been light in the Dupont Circle area as the ever-vigilant Borderstan last posted pictures of flowers from his garden.

And, well, the police had to deal with the IMF/World Bank jerks who vandalized those banks. Prince of Petworth spots some possible anti-General Logan graffiti that may more may not be related. But before everyone condemns those out-of-town kids, there seems to be some controversy surrounding protester-cop conflict at 20th and Pennsylvania Avenue on Saturday. DCist noted the incident with a touch of sarcasm. The jokes are hard to resist.

But there are pictures that show a more inconclusive scene that begs the question: Why did the police turn on the marchers? This wasn’t a Pershing Park ambush. But it’s still worth thinking about.

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