Is the panic subisiding? Not a chance, but two of the six potential H1N1 infectees in Maryland are schoolchildren (one at Folger-McKenzie Elementary in Ann Arundel County and a teenager at Milfred Mill Academy in Baltimore County) and schools are open today. A lot of parents, of course, watch the TV, where things have been getting frothier on the flu-coverage front. So attendance is expected to be low.

In more schoolchildren news: Two of them in Montgomery County planned to kill their prinicipal with a nail bomb and set off another “incendiary device” in the auditorium—-after puncturing a gas pipe, something they’d already tried to do in the boys’ bathroom, according to cops who arrested and charged them.

You think getting your dog to the vet is a problem? Try convincing a 5,500-pound hippo to get into her crate. A continuation of Happy stories over at the Post.

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* Speaking of your dog: Borderstan wants cute pictures of them.

* 14th and U thinks the new hotel planned for 13th and U looks a bit stunted at nine stories. So much for NIMBY outrage. I guess this time U Street really has been transformed.

* U Street gets a 9-story hotel. Petworth gets a CVS. That seems about right.

* Petworth gets a CVS, Anacostia gets a refurbished yellow Victorian. And Now, Anacostia drove the homeowner WAY over to Capitol Hill to give him color inspiration. But, no, he’s sticking with yellow. NIMBYism is back!

* Anacostia gets a nice Vic, Penn Quarter still gets Christmas decorations at the Washington Welcome Center. In April. Prefers a Caps display. Go Caps!

* PQ gets Christmas trees, the Triangle gets pedestrian improvements at 5th and Mass. Plus: aerial shots!